About Our Company

Plastic Recycling Corporation is an experienced plastic recycling company specialized in purchasing and selling post-consumer, post-industrial plastics. Our primary goal is to purchase recycled plastics in the U.S. and ship them overseas to manufacturers in Asia where they are reprocessed into various plastic products. We accept recycled plastics in almost all forms: regrind, unground, film scrap, purge chunks, reprocessed virgin pelletes, off-grade pellets, etc.

Having established for 10 years, we have became professionals in the industry. We have maintained trusting partnerships with numerous suppliers and manufacturers over the years. Striving to live up to Plastic Recycling Corp's core values in business, we promise our suppliers and buyers quality, integrity, and reliability. We manage to accomplish so by ensuring satisfying quality, welcoming customer service, and prompt payments at all times.

We Are Looking For...

  • Suppliers

    We are hoping to partner with more plastic suppliers in the U.S.
  • Buyers

    We are hoping to partner with more plastic product manufacturers in China.
  • We are sincerely seeking partnerships. If you are interested in partnering, please e-mail us at... sale@plasticrecyclingcorp.com